#Cinema | Redefining Engaging Content
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We’re Redefining Engaging Content

#Cinema Focuses on Creating Visual Content that Moves the Viewer!


Once a client reaches out to us, we have a meeting to discuss the needs and goals of the customer. A vision for the project is constructed and approved by the client before moving on.


Planning makes everything perfect. In Pre-Production we create a plan for start to finish of the entire project. This includes: scripts, call sheets, shot lists, and much more. This keeps everyone on the same page throughout the process of the project.


This is where the Lights, Cameras, and Action help bring the idea to life. Shooting can range from a half day to several months depending on the project’s needs. Cast and Crew come together to make a clients vision to life.


Everything comes together in post-production. Clips are edited together, audio fixed, color corrected, and graphics are added.

Our Work

Every project we shoot is unique in its own way. To find out how #Cinema can bring your vision to life please contact us.

Our Services

#Cinema offers a wide variety of video production to suit your video needs. Some of our services include:


Commercial Production

Looking to gain more awareness for your company or brand? Creating video is a great way to spread the word.


Television Production

Want to bring your TV show idea to life? In town for a TV gig and need equipment? #Cinema has tons of experience in the Television world.


Pro-Athlete Videography

#Cinema specializes on working with some of the biggest name athletes in the world. Our videos help increase player value by making them more personable.


Clips Shot


Videos Completed


Happy Clients


Video Views

Cutting Edge Equipment

We equip our shooters with the latest gear to unleash their creativity.

Here at #Cinema we use RED 8k Cameras to capture a majority of our content. This camera allows us to create stunning images in a small package. Other equipment includes a DJI Mavic Pro 4k Drone, a Sony A7s II 4k Camera, Luxli RGBW LED Panels.