#Cinema | About Us
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About Us

Behind the Scenes

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Our Story

From a young age, Adam has had a passion for cameras. His journey started in photography and in middle school evolved into cinematography. Taking every opportunity possible, he climbed up the ranks from Production Assistant to Cinematographer. #Cinema was created in 2012 from Adam’s passion for film, and desire to continuously perfect his craft and offer affordable high-quality video production to all.

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Our Vision

We’re Cinematographers, Not Videographers. A videographer is someone who just operates a camera to capture something. A cinematographer is someone who crafts each individual shot artistically to help create and tell a story. Here at #Cinema we have honed the craft of cinematography. This means that the same techniques that are being used in Hollywood are being applied to your video. We also use some of the same gear that is used in Hollywood to help compliment our skills. This is what sets #Cinema apart from their competition. A great video delivers great returns and pays for itself.

Meet the Team


Adam is always attending workshops and conferences to continue to grow his filmmaking skills. To help understand the consumer mind better, Adam attended the University of South Florida and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing.In his free time, Adam enjoys adventures in the outdoors and to travel. He loves to capture exquisite views around the globe in an attempt to show the world through his eyes.

Adam Ekblad


Bryan started his journey with media in high school, learning video editing. He went on to producing and shooting various content under his own company, from weddings to short films. By 2014, Bryan was working on feature length films and got his start in reality television. He has since worked numerous shows for over 10 major networks; including: WWE’s Total Divas, Chrisley Knows Best, MTV’s Siesta Key. From the production office to camera department, his knowledge runs full circle. As an artist and avid fan of cinema, Bryan continues to push the boundaries with his work.

Bryan Claburn