#Cinema | Our Gear
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Our Gear

Camera Gear

Equipment is the cornerstone of any production. By owning our gear we can deliver top notch quality media at a fraction of the cost as our competitors. #Cinema uses some of the best gear in the industry.

RED Epic-W 8k

This is our A-Camera on most of our projects. The Red Epic-W Helium films in 8K, shoots up to 12.5 times slow motion, and has been used on numerous Hollywood movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy. This piece of technology paired with an experienced operator creates stunning images.

Sony A7S II

This model is the only camera from Sony to boast optimal low light shooting, and is touted around filming circles as the best video shooting still camera. The A7S produces professional level content with it’s 4K capabilities, while also having great light gathering abilities making this niche camera a lightweight and effective tool for #Cinema.


Tokina 11-16/2.8

This lens is an extremely wide lens and fast lens that is pretty sharp. It is light weight and a perfect lens for gimbal work.

Nikon 20-35/2.8

Nikon’s first professional ultra wide zoom lense. It is a pro’s handy tool as many of the industry professionals own this lens. This has a wide zoom range with little distortion. This lens is perfect for our DJI Ronin-M Rig.

Nikon 28-70/2.8

One of our most spectacular lenses. It is a little heavier than most, but is optimal for for most projects. The lens has a good range while maintaining a fast aperture and sharp focus with a vintage look. With it’s internal focusing devices, this lens is perfect for your next project.

Nikon 80-200/2.8

Our largest lens at #Cinema. It is best used for automotive, sports, action, and low-light projects mostly for its superior ability to defocus backgrounds better than any other lenses.

Camera Support

Sachtler Tripod

One of the most important items for any shoot is a solid tripod. The Sachtler is a reliable set of sticks that keeps the camera safe while creating smooth movements. Its lightweight yet durable design allows it use in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

DJI Ronin-M

The Ronin-M is a carbon fiber 3-axis gimbal that can carry our RED Epic-W and Sony A7s II with ease. It allows for stabilized movement in the roughest of conditions. When paired with our Stedicam Arm & Vest, we can create previously unthinkable shots with uncompromising stability.

Stedicam Proline

Our heavyweight Stedicam can accommodate cameras up to 50 lbs. This allows for much bigger rigs and more traditional style of camera movement. Our rig includes a  front mounted vest, aluminum arm, and carbon fiber sled.

18′ Camera Jib

The camera jib allows for some creative and elaborate shots. With the ability to go from ground level to almost 20 feet, the jib can create dynamic shots that are normally only reserved for large Hollywood productions.


DJI Inspire 1

This heavyweight flyer creates some amazing images. The Inspire flies at speeds up to 60mph. With a retractable landing gear and an interchangable lens camera, this drone can film pretty much anything from above.

DJI Mavic Pro

This foldable pocket sized drone packs a powerful punch. With the ability to travel up to 40 mph and record 4k video, this little drone can handle most jobs. 30-Minute battery life makes for multiple shots in one flight.

Lighting Gear

Arri Skypanel S-60c

The S-60 is a great light, while being very accommodating to the vast majority of applications. The Arri Skypanel comes handmade from Germany, and makes no sacrifices in regard to light output. This model gives off vast light beams, turning low-light situations into perfectly lit. With a range of functions, the Arri Skypanel gives us unprecedented amount of control of light to do your project.

LitePanel Gemini 2×1

This LED panel provides a soft source of color for accurate illumination. The Gemini model boasts full spectrum daylight and tungsten lighting, while also allowing for quick changing of full featured light modes at all times. Having both manual and bluetooth control on this light allows us to adjust your lighting accordingly. This light is similar to the Arri Skypanel, but is lighter and has 15% less output power.

LitePanel Astra 6x Bi-Color

The Astra is designed with select premium quality. With the ability to switch between Tungsten and Daylight temperature this lightweight light has a large range of applications. The 6X model has an impressive output rate, the highest of it’s class. This second generation model is 150% stronger than the predecessor allowing for a longer throw, and a more illuminated area all with a single fixture.

Luxli Cello

This 10-inch multicolor LED light features a versatile RGBW LED panel. The light is equipped with bluetooth so that we can pair it through our smart devices and link with our other lights for easy use.The Cello boasts a lightweight, sleek design  for easy portability.

Luxli Viola

The Viola is part of the Luxli Orchestra line. The 5-inch bluetooth enabled light fixture allows for easy control on our smart devices. The Viola boasts a lightweight, sleek design like the Cello, and has the capability to link up with the Cello as well as several of the other Luxli Orchestra lines. #Cinema’s lights will illuminate your creative visions.

Arri Lights

We have an array of Arri lights ranging from 150w Tungsten to 4k HMIs to help light any size project. These lights can be used as a Key, Fill, or Hair light.

12′ x 12′ Frames

With a large range of rags available, these frames can help add a look in many environments. One of their best uses is to diffuse a large light source making it a very soft light.

Kino Flo Lighting

These soft lights come in many different shapes and sizes including 2-bank and 4-bank in 4 foot and 6 foot sizes.


Rode NTG 2

This lightweight condenser shotgun microphone is a versatile piece in our collection. It has full frequency response, low noise, and audio transparency to make it the ideal boom microphone for our projects. We also have a high-quality windshield that allows us to capture great audio even in windy conditions.

Zoom H6

The H6 is a six-track audio recorder with four interchangeable input capsules making it one of the best sounding audio devices on the market. The adjustable dials on the front allow for changes to levels on the fly.  The H6 can handle anything from live recording, and professional film/video work.

Wireless Lav Mics

Using these small mics allows us to place them on each member of talent to get the cleanest and clearest audio possible. This lets our sound mixers to independently control and mix each audio channel for the best audio quality possible.