#Cinema | Services
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Want your Event to stand out? Utilize video to your advantage. Event Video can benefit your promotion and advertising in a multitude of different ways. Use it to promote the event, and satisfy your sponsors.  #Cinema will make those watching feel like they were at your event. We create short videos to help promote your event across all social media platforms. Find your potential and grow your event by contacting us today.
Get directly in front of your target market and engage them like never before. Commercial video is more than just television commercials; it covers any type of videos for businesses. Engage your audience by creating videos for social media, broadcast, websites, and more. Get as many eyes looking at your business as possible. Unlock the potential of film for your business by contacting us today.
Aerial Cinematography
Everything looks different from above with a drone, this allows us to take our cinematography to the next level. Within minutes of arriving to a location we can have our drone online and capturing magic in air. The need for drones can range from construction to moviemaking; the possibilities are endless.
Use High-Quality video to your advantage to get that next level edge during your training sessions. #Cinema can record every workout for same day playback for film and coaching purposes. Our experienced shooters also are capable of capturing high-quality footage for your social media and documentary needs. We also offer the chance for you or your athlete to monetize these videos by adding sponsors.
Have you been looking for a chance to bring your script to life? Are you trying to get your film to the silver screen? Have you found Tampa to be your ideal location to film? Look no further than the world class services of #Cinema. We offer full production services from our company that will include: Grip, Electric, Camera, Casting, Prop, Wardrobe, Sound and more. Give us a call today to see how we can make your dreams happen and make your film a reality.